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this neck of the woods

'This neck of the woods' is a short film created for 'Our creative place' 2021 story board for Cardiff Creative & The Welsh Arts Council. 


My creative place, is the Darren Valley in Caerphilly.
When driving into one of the villages here there’s a sign that says, ‘awarded tidiest village in 1990,’ this sign became the centre idea of the film.  


My aim for this project was to capture the quiet and beautiful locations of this valley, through the eyes of the Darren valley big foot. 
Collecting materials along the way, the costume and props for this film were made from found and recycled materials.

Guest appearances in the film:
Elliot Bradfield, Paul Julian, Tegan Burland, Sian Howells, Joe Tobin, Nickie Perry.

Voice overs:
Oliver Ashton & George Williams.

Big foot's picnic
The big foot
The big foot
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